The B.Ed. Programme envisages school internship of 20 weeks duration spreading over two phases, first phase of four weeks during II semester and 16 weeks during III semester. It shall be designed to lead to the development of a broad repertoire of perspectives, professional capacities teacher sensibilities and skills among the prospective teachers. In the first phase, there shall be four week of school engagement. In the second phase, there shall be a minimum of 16 weeks intensive school internship and one week observation of a regular class room with a regular teacher. During the internship student teachers shall work as a regular teacher and participate in all school activities, including planning, teaching and assessment, interacting with school teachers, community members and children. School internship shall be undertaken in the schools within the purview of 30 kilometers from the Institution and shall be with the concurrence of the institution.


           The supervision of Practice Teaching is a joint responsibility of the Training Colleges and Practice-Teaching Schools. Continuous observation and briefing is essential for developing the teaching skill of the novice teacher. The subject teachers have to observe all the lessons of student-teachers and enter their suggestions in the supervision diary maintained by the student-teacher. The Teacher Educators have to observe the maximum number of practice lessons of the student- teacher. Observation of one lesson during the first phase of internship and three lessons (probably at the beginning, middle and at the end of Practice Teaching) during the second phase of internship by the Pedagogic course coordinators is mandatory. The course coordinators of all courses shall evaluate the respective practical courses during the period of induction and internship. Assessment of Practice Teaching shall be done on the basis of the proforma for assessment of teaching.