Children School Samittee, Kota ( 225/75-76)  CMM_MANAGMENT COMMITTI

1. Our Children School Samittee Management

The Children School Samittee was founded in 1976 by Educationist  Mr. S.A.Khan and Principal Mr. Ganshi Lal Pareek Both of these eminent personalities played a pioneering role in the field of education in Kota. Beginning with conventional Sr. Sec. Level Education. The Executive committee of Children School Samittee (CSS) continued to set up institutions in different parts of Kota Dist. In due course of time The executive members of children school samittee started teacher education course from session 2007 – 08 in urban area of Kota along with 02 institutions of senior secondary level and One Minority Institution at Jagpura, Kota. and NIOS Study Center with 80 teaching faculties and more than 1500 students. The Committee is managed by a dedicated team of professionals led by the Director Mr. S.A. Khan

Now This Samittee Runs Following Institution:

  1. Children Sr. School Chhawani, Kota
  2. Children Sr. Sec. School (NIOS Study Center) Chhawani, Kota
  3. Children Sr. Sec. School, Jagpura Ummedpura, Kota
  4. Children Teacher's Training College (B.Ed.) Dadabari, Kota
  5. Children Teacher's Training College (D.El.Ed.) Dadabari, Kota
  6. Minoriy Status Certificate to Maulana Azad College Of Education(B.Ed & S.T.C.) Ummedpura, Kota Bearing No. PS/MA/2012/208 Dated: 06/03/2012

2. Vision

  The Executive committee of Children School Samittee (CSS), has a glorious vision – to provide education to maximum educants .

3. Mission
The Executive committee of Children School Samittee (CSS) is one of the oldest minority institutions in Kota, founded in 1976. It imparts broad and balanced professional education to students. The Committee believes that education is an ongoing process of revelation and re-interpretation that leads to a rapturous growth of each individual.

4. Aims

To create and develop the spirit of nationalism, self dependence, celebrative discipline, and patriotism with international Brotherhood among its Scholars.


To establish equality and balance in the study of English and Hindi language as with the international and national languages


To provide best education in scholars, to develop mental ability through Montessory and modern teaching methods, especially for middle class students in fewer expenses.


To provide vocational education to the students as per requirements.


To develop interest in art spills and to help them to achieve the goals of their lives.


To arrange evening classes to promote literacy & education.


To get affiliation with CBSE and to open an English medium school.


To open Agriculture and technical schools/colleges and training Colleges.


To open medical college, nursing college, Pera-medical college, training school and college, D-Pharma college, B.Ed. college and school, physical education training school & college.


To run technical, medical & academic syllabus with co-curricular activities. to start a training institute for all the courses related to computer.


To fulfill above mentioned motives of the institution, arrange loans and financial support from members, National & Co-operative banks, and finance agencies. To arrange grant and co-operation for the welfare of the institution.


Especially minorities and OBC will be connected with modern education to develop the interest in education to develop the interest in education and to bring them ahead in the field of education. They will be connected to vocational courses/education also.


Especially women education will be promoted in which vocational, professional and technical education are also included.


The institution will provide education, vocational courses for deaf & dumb, orphans, senior citizens and labourers.


The institution will try to open / start a hostel for minorities and OBC students.

The Members, Executive Committee, Principals, Staff and Students of the Children School Samittee (CSS) are dedicated towards accomplishing this mission and pledge their individual and collective efforts in achieving above mentioned aims and goals.

Children School Samittee (Executive Committee)