Specific Facilities Provided for Women


Institution shows gender sensitivity in providing facilities such as:

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Counselling
  3. Common Room

Safety and Security:

The college is situated in the heart of the District headquarter and in a high security zone nearest to the Police Thana Dadabari, Kota,  District,  As such a kind of natural atmosphere/environment of safety and security prevails in and around the college campus. The college gives priority to the safety and security of students, staff and visitors. The safety and security measures effected are:

  • Well-protected campus with boundary walls;
  • The Women Hostel is under construction surrounded by boundary walls with full security and safety;
  • There is a large entry and exit gate;
  • All the Staircases are properly constructed to facilitate exit in emergency times/in the event of disasters;
  • To create awareness among students and staff, the college organizes Mock Drill programmes on Disaster management and Civil Defence in collaboration with District Disaster Management Authority and Civil Defence.
  • For entry to and exit from Divyangjan/Sick bed room, there is ramp facility as a safety measure;
  • Within the campus vehicles can pass without creating any safety inconvenience;
  • Within the campus, the  space of an  specified for safely parking two-wheelers and cycles of students;
  • The campus at night is well lighted;
  • All the buildings have earth-in provision and all power supply routes/gadgets are monitored and checked at regular intervals to prevent short circuit related incidents;
  • A ragging-free campus;
  • A committee for prevention of sexual harassment of women at work place is there;
  • CC TV surveillance in the entire campus;
  • Fire extinguisher in the college campus;
  • Experienced gate-keeper;
  • Experienced night chowkidars;
  • A Grievance Redressal Cell for the students;
  • Maintenance of First-Aid Box/Sick bed room ;
  • Regular service of the electricity appliances;
  • Separate washrooms for male and female teachers;
  • Identity cards issued to the students and the teachers;
  • Internal Complaint Cell to address the complaints of the students as well as staff.


  1. Counseling:

The college shows concerns for gender equity and related issues.

  • Oral counseling whenever necessary is given to girl students by our lady teachers.
  • Counseling programme on prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace is conducted to sensitize the students on the matter.
  • The Women Cell of the college has observed ‘Girl Child Week’ to create awareness and sensitivity on gender inequality, protection from discrimination, forced child marriage, exploitation and trafficking, the rights of the girl child including legal rights, access to education, nutrition and medical care and broadly on empowerment of women.
  • The NSS Unit has organized programme highlighting the health problems of women due to Iron and Folic Acid deficiency in body.
  • Awareness Programme on Covid-19 Pandemic and Distribution of Sanitary Items has been initiated by the college.
  • The IQAC and Red Ribbon Club of the college (A unit of State AIDS Control Society) organized programme on AIDS Awareness, Adult Japanese Encephalitis and such other health related issues  in the college.
  • The IQAC and NSS Unit also take initiatives for organizing Awareness Programme on the Disadvantages of Consumption of Narcotics substance as it is seen that both boy and girl students fall a prey to this evil habit.
  • Every year during International Women’s Day celebration on the 8th of March, resource persons are invited to speak on the rights, duties and issues related to women with a view to sensitize the girl students as well as the women members of the Staff on these areas.
  • The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college also organizes programmes to create awareness on the rights of the girl child and women and the opportunities available for women in the present era of women empowerment.
  • The ICG Cell has organized Career Counselling Programmes both for boys and girls as a measure of equity initiative.


  1. Common Room:
    • The college has separate Common Rooms for Boys and Girls. Both the Girls’ Common Room and Boys’ Common Room are provided with indoor games items like Carrom Board and Chess Boards etc.
    • The girls’ washroom is attached to their Common Room. For boys, there are separate toilets within the campus.
    • Besides separate Departmental rooms, there is a common room for all teachers with separate attached wash rooms for male and female teachers.
    • Provision of drinking water/water purifier is there in the Teachers’ common room.