Keeping in mind the inculcation of civic behaviors, Social Cohesion, moral values and life skills to enable prospective teachers to cope up with the outside world for the benefit of society, we have provision of the following clubs in the college.

Environment Club

In charge :  Mr. Upendra Pal Singh

Environment Club aims at creating environment awareness among the would be teachers and the inmates of urban and rural slums of Kota by organizing seminars, poster making, slogan writing competitions etc.

Science Club

In charge Miss. Preeti Jasu

Held on 11.12.2010
Chief Guest    Mr. M.L.Gautam (Ex-Dean, Kota University, Kota)
Guardian Mr. S.A.Khan
Presidant Dr. Anamika Rathore
Advisor Miss.Shanti Jain
Secretary Mrs Preeti Jasu
Accountant Jyoti Chandei

Social Science Club

In charge : Dr. Sadia Masood

The Social Service Club is aimed at bringing awareness and helping people within a local community to identify social needs and to consider the most effective ways to meet these needs. Following centres have been adopted by the college for community service.

Held on 08.01.2011
Chief Guest    Mr. M.L.Gautam (Ex-Dean, Kota University, Kota)
Guardian Mr. S.A.Khan
President Dr. Anamika Rathore
Advisor Mr. M.A. Khan
Secretary Mrs Sadia Masood
Accountant Kamini Akheriya

Language  Club

In charge : Dr. Neetu Tak  & Mrs Indra gaj Sen

Held on 28.09.2010
Chief Guest    Miss Shanti Jain (Secretary Children School Samiti), Kota
Guardian Mr. S.A.Khan
Advisor Mr. M.A. Khan
Secretary Dr Nitu Tak
Accountant Radha Rani Suman

Objectives of Language Club:

  1. To Prepare the student to take up tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign University entry eligibility tests.
  2. To think and speak in English.
  3. To improve phonetic skill.
  4. To develop effective communication skill.
  5. To develop confidence to carry out a simple conversation.
  6. To conduct a focused discussion.
  7. To look at issues from a critical perspective.
  8. To assess them for their merits and De-merits.
  9. To arrive at result based on studies and objective evolution.